BibekSheel Nepali is forming a Leadership Building Academy ( LBA ) to build 100 National Level leadership that will be able to challenge and defeat the existing top 100 politicians of Nepal in 5 years by the end of August 2018.These BibekSheel 100 National Leaders of Nepal  will be honest, diplomatically skilled, patriotic, logical, charismatic, adept policy makers, internationally and regionally respected, have all necessary skills to lead Nepal to prosperity and able to challenge and defeat the top 100 politicians that exist today.

They will also be entrepreneurial (or self reliant) so that none of these 100 will ever make Politics a money making career.We are looking for help from our friends to help build this “Leadership Building Academy” and to help turn our determined young leaders into National ones.We have a core group of Nepalis who are examples in their fields who will learn additional political leadership skills in the next 5 years.

A ‘Bibeksheel’ leader will learn how to build:

  1. Responsible Nepalis
  2. Accountable leadership
  3. Free Nepalis
  4. Prosperous Nepalis
  5. United Nepalis
  6. Empowered Nepalis
  7. A servant Government
  8. An open and evolving Nepal

About us: http://en.leadnepal.com

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